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This page provides a guide to different topics covering the Science of Snowflakes.
First, a couple references:
 "Physical Dynamics of Ice Crystal Growth," by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Annual Reviews of Materials Research, 2017. 47:271–95.

This is a detailed review paper describing much of what is currently known about how ice crystals grow. It's a dense read, with much information relegated to the references.
 "The Snowflake: Winter's Frozen Artistry," by Kenneth Libbrecht and Rachel Wing, 2015, Voyageur Press.

This is a popular-science book, describing snowflake science in a more readable format, but with much less scientific detail.

The pages listed below are my attempt to describe the science in detail, as in a scientific review paper, but with the readability of a popular-science book. The goal is essentially an annotated scientific review, intended for students, scientists, and any others interested in the science of snowflakes at a fairly advanced level.

This new Snowflake Science section of my website is still under construction. You can expect additional topics in the upcoming weeks and months.
Snowflake Science


Step Energies

Equilibrium Shape