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This page provides a guide to different topics covering the Science of Snowflakes.
First, a couple references:
 "Physical Dynamics of Ice Crystal Growth," by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Annual Reviews of Materials Research, 2017. 47:271–95.

This is a detailed review paper describing much of what is currently known about how ice crystals grow. It's a dense read, which much information relegated to the references.
 "The Snowflake: Winter's Frozen Artistry," by Kenneth Libbrecht and Rachel Wing, 2015, Voyageur Press.

This is a popular-science book, describing snowflake science in a more readable format, but with much less scientific detail.

The pages listed below are my attempt to describe the science in detail, as in a scientific review paper, but with the readability of a popular-science book. The goal is essentially an annotated scientific review, intended for students, scientists, and any others interested in the science of snowflakes at a fairly advanced level.

12 October 2017: I have just begun working on this new Snowflake Science section of my website. You can expect continuous updates over the upcoming weeks and months.
Snowflake Science


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