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This page provides a guide to different topics covering the science of snow crystal formation.
First, a couple references:
 "Physical Dynamics of Ice Crystal Growth," by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Annual Reviews of Materials Research, 2017. 47:271–95.

This is a detailed review paper describing much of what is currently known about how ice crystals grow. It's a dense read, with much information relegated to the references.
 "The Snowflake: Winter's Frozen Artistry," by Kenneth Libbrecht and Rachel Wing, 2015, Voyageur Press.

This is a popular-science book, describing snowflake science in a more readable format, but with much less scientific detail.

Coming soon! A large book (>500 pages) describing the detailed physics of snow crystals growth ... contents listed below.

The book is currently in production at Princeton University Press, and it should be available by around July 2021.

Snow Crystals
by Kenneth Libbrecht

Chapter 1 – Snow Crystal Science
    Complex Symmetry
    A Brief History of Snow Crystal Science
    Twenty-First-Century Snowflakes
    No Two Alike?
Chapter 2 – Ice Crystal Structure
    Ice Crystallography
    Surface Premelting
    Ice Energetics
    Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    Surface-Energy Considerations
    Snow Crystal Twinning
Chapter 3 – Diffusion-Limited Growth
    Faceting and Branching
    Free Dendrites
    Diffusion in Snow Crystal Growth
    The Spherical Solution
    Additional Analytic Solutions
    Solvability Theory
    Snow Crystal Aerodynamics
    Order and Chaos
Chapter 4 – Attachment Kinetics
    Ice Kinetics
    Large-Facet Attachment Kinetics
    Structure-Dependent Attachment Kinetics
    Explaining the Nakaya Diagram
    The Morphological Nexus at -5 C
    Snow Crystal Cartography
    Dislocation-Mediated Growth
    Chemical Vapor Effects
Chapter 5 – Computational Snow Crystals
    A Progression of Snow Crystal Models
    Spherical Cellular Automata
    2D Cellular Automata
    3D Cellular Automata
Chapter 6 – Laboratory Snow Crystals
    Free-Fall Snow Crystals
    Substrate Support
    Continuous Diffusion Chambers
    Snow Crystal Imaging
Chapter 7 – Simple Ice Prisms
    Precision Ice-Growth Measurements
    A Tale of Two Experiments
    Simple-Prism Convergence
Chapter 8 – Electric Ice Needles
    Snowflake on a Stick
    E-needle Formation
    An E-needle Dual Diffusion Chamber
    The Nakaya Diagram on E-needles
    Simplest E-needle Growth
    An Analysis Example: E-needles at -15C
    E-needle Vignettes
Chapter 9 – Designer Snow Crystals
    The Plate-on-Pedestal Method
    Illumination and Post-Processing
    PoP Growth Behaviors
    Identical-Twin Snow Crystals
    PoP Art
Chapter 10 – Natural Snowflakes
    Snowflake Watching
Chapter 11 – Snowflake Photography
    Finding Snowflakes
    Optics and Lenses
    Illumination Matters
Appendix I – List of Variables